The Value of Respite Care

By The Care Centers.

This article is specifically for caregivers who regularly take care of an elderly loved one. Whether that loved one lives with you or nearby, you have a big job on your hands. Likely, the vast majority of your day is taken up with providing care for them. If you have a family of your own, then you have to find ways to handle all responsibilities and this can wear on you. Your body isn’t made to handle long term stress. On a regular basis, stress can lower your immune system, make you sick, make you tired, etc. You need time to rest and recuperate. 

This is what respite care is designed for. Its whole purpose is to give caregivers a break. There are different options for respite care too, so you will definitely want to learn more about these choices and find out how they could help you. 

The Options for Respite Care

You can make this decision based on what your loved one wants, their condition, and the type of care they will need. Some of these choices include: 

  • A short term stay in a nursing home
  • An adult day care center
  • A visiting nurse or in homecare

With any of these options, you will be able to get away from your responsibilities as the caregiver, whether that means fulfilling your other responsibilities or just getting a break. No one would blame you if you wanted to go get a massage or spend the day at the park. 

Advantages to the Senior

There are advantages to respite care for seniors as well. If they spend most of their time at home, then these opportunities, especially adult day care centers, will allow your loved one to spend time socializing with others. Many of these options include activities, hobbies, and even outings. All of these will be good for your loved one and will give them a chance to do something that they enjoy. 

Choosing a Respite Care Option

The best thing you can do is spend time talking with your senior loved one. For one thing, you should never completely surprise your senior family member with respite care without talking to them first. Additionally, you will need to let them make a decision about where they would like to stay and what they would like to do. Giving your loved one the chance to make this choice will give them more of a sense of control over their own life. 

Respite care, according to the facts, is a good option for both you and your elderly loved one. If you would like to learn more about in home care especially, then read this article (Four Different Types of in Home Care Services) so that you can learn what these services actually have to offer. You may also want to read this article (What Is in Home Care), which gives you a better idea of what in-home care is in the first place. Then, you can determine if that is the type of respite care you would like to choose or if something else would be better for your loved one. 

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