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  • Caregiving Guilt

    A dear friend's Mother recently broke her hip and landed in the hospital. She developed complications and had to remain in critical care until she stabilized.

    My friend who was the primary caregiver put together a team of family and... more

  • Adjusting to the Caregiving Role

    Jumping in and taking care of my parents was really not at the top of my mind right before my caregiving journey began. I was aware of course, that my parents were slowing down and my moms memory was beginning to fail but I felt that there was no... more

  • Listen and Win

    I love a good listener. I can tell when someone is really listening to me and I am truly being heard. Having someone's undivided attention is a wonderful experience. It can soothe the soul, calm me down and give me a much needed new... more

  • Ask for help!

    Ask for help!

    It's safe to say that most caregivers are extremely capable and caring individuals with a great sense of responsibility. We sign up for the caregiver role pledging to do everything we can to keep those in our care... more

  • The Caregiving Blues

    The Caregiving Blues

    There are many thoughts, feelings and worries in the caregiving landscape. Some of the most challenging are what I call the caregiving blues.

    There were many mornings that I woke up feeling sad... more