Do You Need Treatment for Alcoholism or Drug Addiction?

By The Care Centers. Posted on Sat Feb 20 2016
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How can you tell if you have an alcohol or drug abuse problem? If your consumption of alcohol and/or other drugs has affected your work or personal life, or your health, in any way, then you have a problem with alcohol and drugs, whether you have a physical dependency or not. Depending on when you catch your problem and how much it has progressed, you may or may not need treatment. Furthermore, there are different types of drug and alcohol recovery programs and treatments available to help people at different points in the recovery process.

You Avoid Family and Friends in Favor of Drinking or Using Drugs
This is one of the biggest signs that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. If you avoid people who love you and are concerned about your health so that you can hide how much you’re drinking or using drugs, then you likely have at least a psychological dependence on these substances, if not a physical one. Choosing to spend time with people who enable your drug use and alcohol consumption is another major indicator that you have a problem and that you need help.

You’ve Tried to Stop Before but Relapsed
Whether you realized that you have a problem on your own or your friends and family members staged an intervention, you have at some point admitted that you needed to stop drinking and/or using drugs. You tried to quit on your own, but for whatever reason, you were not able to stay away, and you’ve relapsed. You may or may not need in-patient residential treatment, but you do need help with your recovery.

You Have an Increased Tolerance
When you began drinking or using drugs, you probably only needed a small amount to get a dopamine rush, but now you find that you have to consume more and more to get the same feeling. At this point, if you recognize that you have a problem, you may just need some support from friends and family and/or someone to go with you to meetings. While you may not think of this as treatment, it is a program for recovery that works well for many people.

Quitting Causes You Physical Pain or Illness
Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you quit drinking or using drugs is a clear indication that you’ve developed a physical dependency. At this point, it may actually be dangerous to your health to attempt to quit “cold turkey”, and attempting to wean yourself off of the substance you’re addicted to can be unpredictable at best. If quitting is painful or causes you to become ill, then you need to seek treatment as soon as possible.

There are a number of types of treatment, from 12-step programs to in-patient rehab facilities, and not every form of treatment works for every person. However, the rates of success for patients who commit to recovery and treatment are very high. If you believe you may need treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction, contact The Care Centers today.

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