Is It Addiction or Just Problem Drinking?

By The Care Centers. Posted on Wed Mar 02 2016
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Not everyone who abuses alcohol is physically addicted, and therefore, strictly speaking, not everyone who engages in problem drinking is an alcoholic. However, if someone practices dangerous and irresponsible binge drinking for long enough, they will become addicted and will likely need rehabilitative help with that addiction.

If you have a loved one who is displaying signs of problem drinking, you may be able to step in and help them out before they develop a major and lasting problem. To understand the kind of help you can give and how to approach your loved one, though, you’ll need to be able to identify whether they have an addiction or they have only just begun to display signs of problem drinking.

Problem Drinking: They’ve Recently Started Drinking Due to Emotional or Physical Trauma
Problem drinking often occurs as a response to some physical or emotional trauma. If your friend or family member has experienced the loss of a loved one or they have been injured and cannot go back to work for a period of time, they may feel depressed and turn to alcohol or other substances.

Any problem drinking is unhealthy, but if they have not been drinking this way for very long, you may be able to approach them and help them break the cycle before it becomes an addiction. They may not need rehab at this point, but they may benefit from talking to a professional psychologist and/or getting mental health assistance.

Addiction: They Avoid You and Other Friends and Family in Favor of Drinking
Often, even if they don’t want to admit it, alcoholics know that they have a problem. However, they do not want to admit that they need help, and so they choose to avoid the people who would intervene and point out the problem in favor of continuing to drink and spending time with people who will enable them.

Addiction: They Feel Like They Need a Drink to Relax and Have Fun
If you know someone who simply cannot seem to have fun without a drink in their hand, they are likely dealing with an addiction. If they have just recently begun this behavior, they may still be in the category of problem drinking, but they are at the very least on the verge of alcoholism.

Addiction: Continuing to Drink Even After Alcohol Has Caused Problems
Whether they’re having trouble at work or at home, if their alcohol consumption has caused problems and they have chosen to keep drinking rather than fix the relationships and responsibilities in their life, then they have an addiction. Reach out to The Care Centers and find a rehab facility near you where your friend or family member can get the proper help and care that they need. Alcoholism is a serious disease, and it can lead to severe mental and physical health problems, as well as other substance abuse and legal troubles. If you know someone with an alcohol or substance abuse problem, call The Care Centers today.

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