There Is Help: Many People Can and Do Recover From Alcoholism

By The Care Centers. Posted on Thu Mar 03 2016
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If you have a problem with alcohol or you know and care about someone who is an alcoholic, the situation can seem hopeless, and it can be easy to give up and succumb to addiction. This feeling can become worse when you look at the statistics for relapse among alcoholics. Some studies have shown that somewhere between 50-90% of alcoholics relapse after a period of recovery, which sounds bleak. However, consider that these studies don’t take into account how long the relapse was or if the subjects went back into rehab or sought other help afterward. If you’re feeling discouraged or hopeless, check out a few statistics and facts to help you get on the road to recovery.

A Significant Percentage of Alcoholics Reach Full Recovery
According to WebMD, a full third of adults who have suffered from alcohol dependency in the US make a full recovery. Some of the patients in this study went on to practice full abstinence, while others regressed to become “low-risk drinkers”, having only an acceptable amount of alcohol on any given day and fewer than seven days per week.

There Is Help Near You
The Care Centers have thousands of substance rehab facilities all over the United States. Whether you live in Kansas or California, there’s help near you, where you can get the nonjudgmental, professional care you need to get your life back on track, get back to work, and rebuild your relationships with friends and family.

Relapse Can Be a Part of Recovery
If you have previously sought help for your alcoholism but you have relapsed, we hope you understand that relapse can be a part of recovery. No one is perfect, and most recovering alcoholics do slip and have at least one minor relapse. This is not cause to throw up your hands and say, “Well, I’m obviously going to be an alcoholic forever!” Furthermore, the people who care about you and the professionals who work with you should not judge you for a relapse but should encourage you to try again and to get the help you need to stay on track.

Recovery Should Be Enjoyed, not Endured
In the right rehab facility and with the right aftercare, you will not feel as though you’re serving a prison sentence and being punished for the “sins” you committed while under the influence of alcohol and other substances. Alcoholism is a deadly, physical disease, not a moral disorder, and in the right care, you will come to understand this and you’ll enjoy your recovery and your return to healthy living.

There Is Help After Rehab
Finally, if you stay in a rehab facility, you will not walk out the day you go home as a “cured” alcoholic. Instead, you’ll have access to further professional help so that you can readjust to sober life and have ongoing assistance in dealing with difficult situations without alcohol.

For more information, contact one of The Care Centers near you today. You could be on the road to recovery sooner than you know.

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