How to Choose a Senior Home Remodeler

By The Care Centers.
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As your loved ones grow older, there are certain things that will need to be changed in their home. You need to make sure they can maintain their independence as much as possible, especially since the National Aging in Place Council makes it clear that seniors who get to stay in their own home will be much happier and healthier.  

To ensure the changes are made properly in your loved one’s home, it would make the most sense to hire a qualified remodeler who has experience with changes to senior homes. They will be able to do the remodel properly and they may have suggestions to make the home more elderly-friendly. However, choosing the right senior home remodeler may be more difficult than you thought. So, in this article, we will provide advice on how to make the right decision so that the work will be done properly, and your loved one can maintain their independence with minimal in-home care needs too. 

The National Association of Homebuilders

A good place to start would be with the National Association of Homebuilders. You can actually do a specific search for certified aging in place specialists. You will be able to search for several parameters, including names, companies, city, state, zip code, and classifications. This will help you choose a remodeler who is certified to do the work and that means more peace of mind. 

Ask Around

You may know other people with elderly loved ones, and they may have had remodeling done too. For that reason, you could ask around and get more information on the remodelers that people you know recommend. You can get a real life idea of what the remodeler will do and how they act just by asking past customers. 

Ask the Right Questions

Once you have a prospective remodeler and you think that they would be a good option for your needs, then you will need to sit down and talk with them. There are a few different things you should ask, including 

  • Are they sensitive to the senior? Your elderly loved one will be stressed by the construction and you need to choose a remodeler who understands that. 
  • Will they make recommendations? An experienced remodeler will be able to look at a home and tell you what changes could be made. 
  • Can they show you their certification? It never hurts to double check and determine if you have chosen a certified contractor. 

If you go through these steps, then you should find it much easier to choose a senior home remodeler that you will be able to depend on to do the work properly. 

There are other things you can do in order to make your elderly loved one’s home more senior friendly, so read the article (Types of Home Care) on in home care resources. You can also find out more details on senior and elderly in home supplies by reading this article (Two in Home Care Resources to Consider). This will give you information you need to ensure your senior is able to maintain their independence in their own home. 

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