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If you have an elderly loved one who needs in-home care, then one of the options they may be presented with is companion care services. This is one very common type of homecare that is provided to elderly individuals who simply need a little extra help in their daily lives. If you are helping your loved one choose the right type of homecare, then you may also have questions about companion care services. Below, you will find four common questions with answers that you may have. 

What Is Companion Care?

Essentially, this is a visiting service that offers non-medical related options, mainly depending on companionship. It is a way to look after the mental and emotional wellbeing of the loved one. A companion caregiver will not be able to help with administering medication or physical therapy or anything of the type, but they can provide such services as spending time with the patient, reminding them to take medication, etc. 

What Services Will the Companion Care Offer?

The visitor who comes to your loved one’s home for this type of in-home care will offer a number of different types of services, such as: 

  • Spending time in conversation, playing games, and enjoying other companionship activities
  • Accompanying the patient to social outings and doctor’s appointments
  • Reminding the loved one to take their medication
  • Accompanying the patient on walks or or other exercises
  • Preparing meals
  • Very basic and light housekeeping
  • Feeding and walking any pets the patient has
  • Running basic errands
  • Filing documents for the patient
  • Writing letters or emails for the loved one
  • Helping with paying bills and balancing the checkbook

Essentially, the caregiver will help with basic daily activities while providing social interaction for your loved one. 

What Does Companion Care Cost?

This will essentially depend on a few different factors: the needs of your loved ones, insurance, Medicare, etc. Of course, the specific company chosen for personal home care will play a role in the cost as well. 

When Should We Consider Companion Care? 

Sometimes, a physician will recommend this service for your loved one. At times, you may decide this along with your aging family member based on their daily life. Your loved one may let you know that you need assistance or you may have been providing assistance for them but now other responsibilities keep you from doing this. Companion care is a good way to avoid the elderly loved one having to go to a nursing home, so this is something you want to think about before your loved one has to consider something more drastic. 

Companion care services can be extremely helpful for loved ones who need just a little help around the home. If you would like to learn more about the various other types of in-home care, then read this article (Five Services Offered by Medical Home Care). Additionally, you may wish to learn more about how to choose home health agencies, and you can do just that by reading this article (How to Choose Home Health Agencies). This way, you will have plenty of information needed to make the right decisions.

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