Five Services Offered by Medical Home Care

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When people grow older, they will most certainly develop different types of health problems. This is common and the medical problems can range from very minor to very serious. No matter the case, certain types of in-home care can provide a solution that allows the elderly individual to stay in their home and get the assistance they need. Whether you are growing older and facing medical problems or you have a loved one who is, in-home medical care could be an ideal solution to these challenges. If you are not sure of what these services offer, then here are five things you or your loved one will get with medical home care

1. Administration of Medications

Patients who have to take a lot of medications or need fluids and other things intravenously may not be able to handle all of this on their own. In-home medical care services will include a trained and certified medical individual (usually a nurse) who will be able to administer these medications. This is especially important if you or your loved one have trouble remembering to take the medicines. 

2. Therapy

Many times, physical therapy can be very helpful in keeping an elderly individual mobile. In-home care for medical purposes will often include physical therapy of different types as well as education on how to continue therapy exercises at other times. 

3. Skin Checks

Elderly individuals have skin that is very easily damaged, and many suffer from pressure wounds such as bed sores. In-home care medical professionals will regularly check the skin to ensure these problems are not arising. 

4. Monitoring of Diseases and Illness

If you or your loved one have a serious illness, then the professional will be able to monitor the condition and its related symptoms so that reports can be written for the physician who may need to adjust treatment or recommend different treatment options. 

5. Going for Doctor’s Appointments

The home care services can also ensure the elderly patients are able to get to doctor’s appointments. This can include driving the patient to and from the office and even accompanying them in the appointments to help translate medical information to the patient and their family. This can be an especially helpful service if the family is not available to go to doctor’s appointments with their loved one. 

As you can see, in-home care for medical purposes can be extremely helpful for aging individuals or those facing mounting medical problems. These visiting professionals will ensure you or your loved one get the help needed in order to continue staying at home. If you would like to learn about all of the other in-home care services, you can read about them at this article (Four Different Types of In Home Care Services). For information on what to expect with the first visit from a homecare provider, you can read this article (What to Expect from in Home Care). The more educated you are, the easier decisions will be. This will help you choose the right medical homecare service either for yourself if you need it or for your aging loved one. 

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