Five Things to Know about Nursing Home Legal Matters

By The Care Centers.
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If you have a loved one who needs to enter a nursing home, hospice, or any type of assisted living, then there are numerous different legal matters that must be handled in advance. Paying for elder care can be a difficult issue all on its own simply because it is a big expense that can completely deplete an estate. Below, we will discuss five different things you must keep in mind about nursing home legal matters so that they don’t cause any issues or unnecessary stress on your elderly loved one. 

1. Getting Medicare and Medicaid Straight

Some people don’t fully understand Medicare and Medicaid, and what these two sources will and will not pay for. A lot of what will be paid for depends on extenuating circumstances as well, such as whether or not your loved one has a disability or conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Keep in mind, though, that it is generally Medicaid you will need to turn to for assistance in nursing home care.  

2. Find a Good Lawyer with Experience

It goes without saying that legal matters of any sort can be confusing, and this is especially true for eldercare and things that go along with growing older. It is best to hire an attorney who has specific experience with senior legal matters. 

3. You Need to Update Legal Documents

Once an attorney has been hired, the next step would be to get all legal documents in order for your loved one. They need to ensure all of their wishes are met when they enter a nursing home, so they should update their living will, directives, power of attorney, financial power of attorney, etc. 

4. Finances Should Be Put in Order

Getting finances in order is a must as well. Assisted living and even homecare can be quite expensive, so it pays to get a good idea of what money is available, what will be paid for, and what loved ones will need to handle as well. The more finances are in order for the loved one, the more it will be possible to avoid costly confusion. 

5. Go over Nursing Home Resident Rights

All residents of a nursing home have legal rights. You and your loved one need to understand those rights well before they enter the facility. There are federal and state laws in place that will protect the resident from abuse and neglect, but if you and your loved one don’t know about these laws, then you won’t know how to protect those rights. 

Before entering a nursing facility, hospice care, or homecare, an elderly individual needs to handle these five matters. As the loved one, it is your responsibility to walk them through this process. This way, they will have everything in order so that there is no confusion about wishes, money, and other issues after they have started living in the new facility. You can learn more about the documents that need to be updated by reading this article (Information Your Loved One Will Need Before Entering a Nursing Home), and if you need information on how to discuss going into a nursing home with your loved one, read this article (What to Talk about with Your Loved Ones Regarding Assisted Living Facilities).

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