How to Choose Home Health Agencies

By The Care Centers.
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If you have a loved one who is in need of assistance with everyday activities, then in-home care may be an excellent option as opposed to moving directly to nursing homes. This type of care allows your loved one to stay in their home, which is much more comfortable for them and they will be able to maintain their freedom. At the same time, they can get assistance from medical in-home care, personal care services, or other professionals who will be able to take care of a variety of different needs and activities around the house. 

Of course, when you determine that this will be a good option for your loved one, then you will need to choose from home health agencies to determine the right one. They aren’t all the same and they do offer different services as well as quality of service. Choosing carefully will be very important, so here are some tips that will help you with your search. 

Find Out About Services

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of home care service your loved one will need, whether it is personal care for bathing, hygiene, etc., medical care for medications, therapy, etc., or companionship care. Once you have decided which will be best, you can narrow down the local agencies to those that offer that service specifically. 

Consider Cost

The next thing you need to do is determine how you will pay. If the in-home care was doctor-ordered, then Medicare may pay for part of the cost, and you will need to choose from home health agencies that accept Medicare payments. Otherwise, you may want to look at expenses and different payment plans that the agencies offer to find one that works for you. 


You will want to choose a provider who has experience, training, and certification. This person will be in your loved one’s home. You want someone trustworthy who you will feel comfortable with coming and going as needed. Discuss the hiring process with the home health agencies and find out how they screen the people they choose. 

Ask About Course of Care

Finally, you will want to find out how the home health agency will go about course of care, such as what they will do when they visit, how they will document information about your loved one, etc. You need to know exactly what to expect each time the professional will come visit. 

Once you have chosen a home health agency, then you can start getting the services that your loved one will need. If you need more information to get started, then read this article on the different types of in-home care you could choose (Four Different Types of in Home Care Services). Additionally, you may wish to read this article on what to expect from your first visit (What to Expect from in Home Care). This will give you the background you need so that you can make the right decisions for your loved one so that they can get the help they need without having to consider a nursing home. 

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