Living as a Couple at an Assisted Living Facility

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In many cases, spouses can be faced with a difficult decision. One elderly individual may be in a situation where it is impossible for them to take care of themselves at home while the other is still in relatively good health. Does this automatically mean they must be broken apart so that one can be moved to an assisted living facility? That very question could be extremely stressful because many couples have been married for many, many years. The concept of being split up is simply too much to think about. The good news, and many people don’t know this, is that there are assisted living facilities and even nursing homes that will allow couples to stay together. That means both spouses can move in, get the help they need, and not have to live apart. 

Choosing the Facility

In order to find the right place to live as a couple, there are a few different options. It will be important to consider both spouses’ health and needs in order to ensure the right living arrangements are chosen. Of course, the spouse with the most mental or health requirements will be the one to consider when choosing level of care. The options include: 

  • Nursing Homes – Not all nursing homes will let a couple live together, but some do, so you will need to do research. A nursing home can be the right option if one spouse is severely impaired to the point that they cannot spend any time on their own. 
  • Retirement Communities – These communities allow seniors to continue enjoying independent living, including their own house, their own yard, etc. It is very easy for spouses to stay together in these communities. However, they are not a good option if one spouse is severely impaired. 
  • Considering Home Care – If the couple is mostly able to take care of themselves and they only need a little help with various daily activities, then homecare could be the ideal option. This will allow them to stay together in their own home while getting the help they need. 

Take the time to determine which of these options is the best depending on the needs of both the husband and wife. 

Understanding Cost

When you begin searching for retirement homes for yourself or your married loved ones, cost can become an issue. After all, nursing homecare can be very expensive just for one person. Many assisted living facilities actually allow the individual who doesn’t need medical care to just pay room and board, and that can save a great deal of money. This is something you will want to check on. 

Moving to a nursing home can be very stressful. For more information on making the transition to a nursing home easier, read this article (Five Ways to Make an Assisted Living Move Successful). Additionally, check in on this article that explains how to enjoy living in a nursing home or assisted living facility (Four Steps to Happier Living in a Nursing Home). After all, the more information you have, the better when it comes to making the transition to a nursing home or retirement community. 

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