Making the move to Assisted Living Successful

By The Care Centers.
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There are numerous different types and forms of assisted living options, including homecare, nursing homes, retirement communities, and independent living homes. Each of these is different in one way or another, but they all involve one thing when your loved one must move to a facility: it can be stressful and overwhelming. However, there are things that you can do in order to make the move much easier for your loved one. Below, you will find five different things you could do to make the whole process of moving from their home to a new facility much easier on your elderly loved one. 

Choose Only from Skilled Nursing Facilities

It’s important that you choose the nursing home carefully so that you will know your elderly loved one will be comfortable and happy in the home that has been chosen. Additionally, it is a good idea to have your loved one help make the decision. They will be much more comfortable moving to the new place when they have had a say in the choice. 

Don’t try to rush this decision, and ensure you have done the research very carefully because you don’t want your loved one to end up in a low quality elder care place. 

Make Sure They Can Stay Busy

The next thing you need to do is ensure they have things that will keep them busy. When an elderly loved one moves into a nursing home, they will be leaving the surroundings they know, but they may also feel bored since they don’t have access to the activities they are used to. Encourage your loved one to pick up a hobby or to continue one they already enjoyed. Always make sure they have the equipment needed on hand to enjoy that hobby. 

Make Sure You Visit Often

Your loved one is going to feel isolated in their new surroundings. They don’t really know anyone after all. So, you and the rest of the family need to visit often. Don’t be afraid to bring your children too. They will delight in having contact with people they know and love. 

Let Them Bring Things with Them

While the nursing home will be quite different, you can take extra steps to ensure your loved one maintains familiar surroundings. That could mean bringing a favorite painting, specific beloved knickknacks, a special blanket, or anything else. 

Send Them Things

Just getting a package can be a welcome delight for seniors living in an elder care facility. So, make sure you send things from time to time. These things could include flowers, equipment for hobbies, pictures the kids drew, etc. 

The move to a nursing home can be stressful no matter what, but there are things you can do to make it easier. To help your loved one even further, be sure to read this article on living in an assisted living facility (Four Steps to Happier Living in a Nursing Home). You could also read the article on the role of friends and family for elderly loved ones who are moving to a nursing home (The Role of Friends and Family When Elderly Individuals Move to a Nursing Home). 

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