Making the Transition to Assisted Living Easier

By The Care Centers.
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Once you have decided that assisted living is the right choice for you, there are sure to be moments when you are scared, worried, or have questions. While the facility will be able to answer all your questions when you ask, this may still be a difficult time. The following five tips will help your transition to an assisted living facility (link to How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Solution) much easier. 

#1 – Visit the Facility

This is a majorly important step in the transition process, especially if your child or other loved one has set up the move for you. You need to know how big your space will be, and it will also help to ease some of your fear – especially if you have an opportunity to meet some of the other residents and find out about the amenities. You may even find that visiting the facility helps to resolve many of the concerns you have about moving in the first place.

#2 – Start Planning Early

As soon as you know that your assisted living facility has been chosen, start deciding what you want to take with you. Visiting will also help you with this step as it will help you figure out how much space you will have. While you are making your choices, now is a good time to separate the things that you know you want to give to others, donate, or have a friend or family member sell for you.

#3 – Ask for Help

If you find the planning and separating process difficult, ask your family members to come and help you. This is a great way to relive all those great memories, and your children and loved ones are a great source of support. You can all go over why this is the best option for you, and you can even discuss how things will be better for you in the long run.

#4 – Pack Early Too

Starting the packing process early will help you eliminate the feelings of being overwhelmed that often occur if you wait until the last minute. This will also help you make sure you take all those special items that will help you feel even more at home after you move. If you have heavy items that you want to take with you, many facilities will provide assistance – just ask to be sure. 

#5 – Talk to Others

Moving is never easy, but keep in mind that your new neighbors have all been through the same process. While you might want to keep to yourself at first, try to make it a point to speak to other residents after a few days – you just might find an excellent source of support, and a few new friends during the process.

Moving to an assisted living facility (link to Top Myths About Senior Living) is a major transition, but these five tips will make the process a bit easier. Just know that your family and friends are still there for you, and will be right there with you as you tackle this new adventure.

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