Myths About Assisted Living

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As people grow older, they have to start thinking about things like choosing to move to an assisted living facility. That’s far from an easy decision to make, and many elderly individuals absolutely hate the idea of having to leave their home. However, there are some situations when a nursing home is the best option for their safety and wellbeing. If you are growing older, then this may be something that’s on your mind as well. Before you immediately assume that moving to an assisted living facility would be a bad thing, let’s discuss a few of the myths surrounding these places. You need to understand that many of the bad things you may have heard are simply untrue. 

Myth #1: I Will Lose All of My Privacy

People think that the second they move into a nursing home they will love all of their privacy and they will never have any alone time. However, this is not the truth. If you choose a high quality facility, then you will still have your own space and you will be able to enjoy your privacy just as before. The difference is that you will have help readily available if needed. Your privacy will matter, so don’t worry about people just barging in on you either. Many of the assisted living facilities you could choose even include locking doors. 

Myth #2: No One Will Help Me

The whole purpose of moving to an assisted living facility is that you will have help at all times. You will have people available if you need them 24 hours a day. That way, if anything happens at all, you will never be alone. People assume that if they move into an assisted living facility and away from family, they will be left all alone and they could be injured and left that way for a long time. That’s simply not the case. 

Myth #3: I Will Never Have a Hobby Again

This is absolutely a myth. When you enter an assisted living facility, you could likely be even more active simply because there will be so much to do. These facilities usually have a busy event calendar including things like fitness programs, book clubs, gardening centers, bingo nights, social nights, and much more. You will not have to give up your hobbies, and you will likely find it much easier to enjoy them more often. 

As you can see from these myths, there are good things about assisted living facilities and you don’t have to dread moving to one. Instead, you just need to find the right one to choose. If you want more information on how to enjoy life at a nursing home, then read this article (Four Steps to Happier Living in a Nursing Home). You can also find out more about what you will need to do in order to move into a nursing home by reading this article. (Information Your Loved One Will Need before Entering a Nursing Home). This will help the move go much more smoothly as well. 

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