Nursing Home Conversation with Your Elder Loved One

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In almost every case, it will be very difficult for everyone to start talking to an elderly loved one about nursing homes. The family members may feel stressed, worried, or concerned about their loved one and they may worry about how that person will react to the discussion. At the same time, bringing up the idea of moving into a nursing home can be very stressful for that elderly individual. It is a difficult discussion altogether, but there are things you can do to make it much easier. 

Do Not Put It Off

Many people put off this type of conversation because they don’t know how their elderly loved will react. They fear the concept of an assisted living facility could upset or even alienate someone they care about. However, if you continue to put it off, you may wait until it’s too late. Wouldn’t it be better to have that conversation now instead of waiting until the elderly individual falls and injures themselves? Even though it can be extremely stressful, it is best to have the conversation and do so in the right manner. 

Take the Time to Do the Research First

Before you even begin talking to your loved one, start looking into nursing homes available nearby. Go ahead and find out what you need to about Medicare, Medicaid, and other options that would cover the costs. The last thing you would want to do is show your loved one a nursing home and then find out later that it’s simply not an option. When you do your research, you will be able to speak to your loved ones about options that will work for them. 

Get the Help of a Social Worker

If you feel uncomfortable broaching the subject with your elderly loved one, then consider speaking with a social worker who can help you say things in the right way. You may have the opportunity to actually speak with the social worker who works at the nursing home you are considering. They will have professional insights and can provide you with the support you need. 

Explain That You Will Visit

Many elderly individuals don’t want to move to a nursing home because they fear they will be completely abandoned. They don’t want to be lonely and they certainly do not want to be left alone and cut off from their loved ones. You need to make it very clear that this won’t happen to them. Ensure they understand that you and other family will visit them on a regular basis. 

If you handle things properly, the conversation between yourself and your elderly loved one doesn’t have to be extremely difficult and stressful. Understand that your loved one may resist the idea at first, and be sure to hear out any of their worries, and then discuss the whole concept in a calm and cool manner. If you need to learn more about other things to do before moving someone to a nursing home, see this article (What You Should Know Legally before Going into a Nursing Home). And, if you want a helpful checklist for moving to a nursing home, see this article (Legal Checklist before Entering a Nursing Home).

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