Steps to Happier Living in a Nursing Home

By The Care Centers.
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Moving to a nursing home may or may not be a welcome change for many elderly individuals. After all, it’s a big change that involves giving up everything that you are used to and moving somewhere completely new. Assisted living facilities can be very important when an elderly individual can no longer take proper care of themselves. So, how is it possible to make life in one of these homes happier and more comfortable? Whether you are reading this for yourself or for an aging loved one, here are four steps to happier living in a nursing home. 

Know What Makes the Transition Difficult

To begin with, it is a good idea to know why the transition can be so difficult on many aging individuals. Again, whether you are reading this for yourself or someone else, there are things that are going to be depressing or stressful. After all, moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home means that health has been lost to the point that it is impossible to take care of oneself all alone. That can be depressing on its own. Then there are the issues of losing a home, losing a status in a social circle, losing finances, losing relationships, and above all else, losing control. 

It’s a lot to take on all alone, so by understanding that these kinds of thoughts will go on, it will help to take proactive steps and ensure familiar surroundings are moved along with the elderly individual and that the family continues to visit. 

Be Social

It’s easy to get withdrawn and not have any contact with anyone in a nursing home. However, this will not make for a happy or comfortable life. Instead, take the time to get to know people. Remember that people just like you are living in that nursing facility and the social contact can be very good. 

Be Patient

If your loved one is moving to an assisted living facility, then give them time. They may be angry or sad, and they may need to express or feel those emotions. Don’t expect your elder loved one to be happy immediately. Additionally, just because they are angry, don’t avoid visiting. This will make things worse. So, continue visiting and ensure your family member has the time and patience they need. 

Find a Hobby

This applies for you or your loved one. Moving into a nursing home doesn’t mean giving up everything that you love and enjoy. You can still enjoy hobbies or take up one you have always thought about. This will keep you busy and give you a reason to enjoy something every day.

These four things can make living in a nursing home much easier. And, if you need more advice, read this article on moving to a nursing home (Five Ways to Make an Assisted Living Move Successful). Additionally, if you are moving your loved one to a nursing home, read this article on your role as a family member for the elderly individual (The Role of Friends and Family when Elderly Individuals Move to a Nursing Home) and what you can do to make their life better. 

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