Tips for Helping Your Loved One Transition to Assisted Living

By The Care Centers.
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Whether your loved one is completely on board with moving to assisted living (link to How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Solution), or if they are reluctant to give up their home, there are many things you and your family can do to help ease the transition. This is a difficult time in your loved one’s life, and your support right now is invaluable. The following tips are some of the things you can do to offer your support and help your senior transition.

#1 – Understand Your Loved One’s Sense of Loss

Moving from the home that he or she has lived in for many years is difficult, regardless of whether your loved one is happy with the decision to move. Even though you all know this is a positive choice, allow your senior to grieve for what he or she is leaving behind – and let them know you respect those feelings by sympathizing.

#2 – Help Your Loved One, Without Taking Over

Spend some time helping your loved one decide what he or she wants to take to the new place. This is not the time for you to tell him or her what she can or can’t take – you are only there to offer your help and opinions if they are requested. Make sure to plan on helping with setting up and decorating the new space as well to make the transition easier.

#3 – Stay Close

Once your loved one has moved, make sure you keep the lines of communication open. If possible, try to visit as often as possible. If the new location (link to Top Five Benefits of Hiring Geriatric Care Manager) is far away, at least make it a point to call frequently. Your loved one needs to know that you still value them, even if they are getting older.

#4 – Listen

If your loved one has problems or concerns after moving into the assisted living facility, listen to them. The two of you can try to address the issues, or come up with a way to fix it. Even though some of it may be loneliness or fear, if your loved one has legitimate complaints, you can’t just blow them off, as it will just make the entire situation worse.

#5 –Help Your Loved One See the Benefits

In many cases, seniors view assisted living as giving up their independence, and this can be devastating. If your elderly family member is having trouble accepting that this is the right decision, help him or her see that they will still be independent. Explain the positives, and make sure your loved one understands the true benefits of moving into the facility, such as improved safety, help with maintenance and upkeep, and even meal preparation. 

If you really want to help your loved one transition to assisted living, make sure you put yourself in their shoes – how would you feel if you suddenly had to give up your home? Whether this was your senior’s idea, or a joint decision, just understand that your support and love is needed more now than ever.

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