Top Ten Signs That Assisted Living May be Needed

By The Care Centers.
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It is never easy to consider assisted living (link to How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Solution) for a loved one, but there may come a time when this really is the best option. The following are the top ten signs that it may be time to consider this in order to keep your elderly family member safe.

#1 – Changes in Personality

If your loved one has gone from a happy, loving person to an angry or depressed one, you should consider the factors causing it. If there are mental issues, assisted living may be a good option.

#2 – Increased Accidents or Falls

If your elderly loved one has had several incidents of falling or tripping, it can lead to a major problem if they are unable to reach a phone. Moving to an assisted style of living can ensure their safety.

#3 – Sudden Weight Loss

This can be a sign that your loved one is no longer able to prepare his or her own meals, and are simply eating whatever doesn’t require preparation. Moving can help ensure they are eating proper, nutritious meals.

#4 – Changes in Appearance

If your loved one has always had a neat appearance, and they are suddenly wearing dirty or wrinkled clothing, he or she may not be able to handle dressing and bathing by themselves. Assisted living will ensure their laundry and dressing needs are taken care of properly.

#5 – Decline in Health

If your loved one seems to have more health problems that are not addressed, or there is a sudden sense of frailty, their health could be in jeopardy. Living in an assisted facility will ensure they are receiving proper medical care to address their needs.

#6 – Forgetfulness

If you ever notice that your loved one seems to forget that the stove or other appliances are left on, this can easily become a dangerous situation. Moving to a place that offers assistance will protect them from a serious accident or even a house fire.

#7 – Unpaid Bills

Forgetting to pay a bill happens, but if it is happening frequently, this can lead to financial and health consequences. Assisted living will ensure that your elderly family member has their utilities handled to prevent these problems.

#8 – Unsanitary Living Conditions

If you notice that your loved one’s home is dirty, there is a buildup of grime, or even a considerable increase in clutter, he or she may not be able to deal with cleaning and homemaking needs.

#9 – Depression

If your loved one is showing clear signs of depression, moving to a place offering living assistance can help with feelings of loneliness that are contributing to it.

#10 – Not Taking Medications Properly

Improperly taking medications can have a serious impact on your loved one’s health. Assisted living will ensure their medications are taken as directed for optimal health.

Choosing assisted living (link to Tips for Helping Your Loved One Transition to Assisted Living) is never easy, but these are all signs that it might be time to approach the subject for your loved one’s health and safety.

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