Two In-Home Care Resources to Consider

By The Care Centers.

If you have a loved one who needs in-home care, then you know a lot of changes are coming for how your elderly family member lives. You will want to do everything possible to maintain their independence, which means looking for in-home care resources. There are different things you can do that will actually help to lower the cost of homecare and can ensure your loved one is able to get around as needed. Let’s talk about two of these resources: remodelers and supplies. 

In-home care is expensive, but sometimes, a few of those expenses can be avoided. Simple changes within the home can make it easier for your elderly loved one to get around without the need for help. That means you may not need to have homecare professionals coming in quite as often. 

Senior Home Remodelers

These remodelers will provide changes within the house so that living spaces can be adapted to your senior loved one’s needs. They have experience in assessing the location and determining what can be done. Changes can actually be made in almost every room to ensure your loved one is able to go about their life as normal. Some of the remodels include: 

  • Grab bar installation at the toilet and in the shower
  • Changes to kitchen cabinets and kitchen counter heights
  • Lowering closet shelves for easier accessibility
  • Installation of easy to operate door and window locks
  • Leveling floors
  • Installation of new stair handrails
  • Installation of a ramp for steps going into the home
  • Addition of lighting throughout the home
  • Installation of walk in showers

There are many different changes that can be made in order to ensure your loved one will be able to get around in their home easily. 

In-home Care Supplies

There are numerous different supplies that can make it easier for a loved one to stay comfortably in their own home. At times, public benefits like Medicare may pay for these supplies as well. This way, your loved one won’t even have to pay that much money. Some of the supplies that could be especially helpful include: 

  • Motorized Wheelchairs or Scooters
  • Grab Bars for the Bathroom
  • Raised Toilet Seats
  • Walkers
  • Pressure Relief Overlays for Beds
  • Shower Seats
  • Specialty Seating

The list can go on. These supplies are designed specifically to ensure your elderly loved one is safe and comfortable in their home. 

Making changes in the home can accomplish a few things. It will make things easier on your loved one so that they can get around their own house. It will also ensure in-home care is as successful as possible. Finally, it could lower the cost of in-home care in the first place.  If you want to learn more about home remodeling specifically, then this article goes into greater detail (A Checklist of Home Remodeling for Seniors). Additionally, you can get more details about in home care by reading this more detailed article. (Four Different Type of In Home Care) These changes can make a big difference in your loved one’s life, so be sure to consider what will work in their own home. 

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