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Welcome to Queen Anne Manor SENIOR LIVING Imagine a historic building situated in a charming European-style neighborhood, with quaint shops, beautiful tree lined streets, and established family residences. Welcome to Queen Anne Manor Senior Living! We offer four comprehensive levels of boutique senior living with the fine ambiance and service of a 1920’s hotel. Visit us today and see why so many families choose us for their Independent Living, Assisted Living, Special Memory Care for Alzheimer's and Dementia Challenges, and Hospice in Seattle,WA. Queen Anne Manor's unique features include: •The Superior Craftsmanship of a Historic Building •A Pedestrian-Friendly Location, Conveniently Bordering Queen Anne Avenue Shops & Restaurants, with a "Walk Score" of 92 out of 100 •4 Levels of Care: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care (Alzheimer's & Dementia Care), and Hospice. •7 Day a Week Nursing Staff with 24/7 Trained and Certified Caregivers •A Harmonious Campus with Spacious Garden Areas, Mature Trees, and a 5,000 Foot Roof Garden atop Seattle's Queen Anne Hill •Delicious Dining with All Day Coffee Service •A Full Recreation Program with Free Transportation

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  • Overall rating:

    Review submitted by Local Professional on 04/19/2013

    Queen Anne Manor is a community nestled in a quiet neighborhood setting on Queen Anne. This location offers great dining and shopping close by along with a really nice area to walk in the beautiful neighborhoods. The staff is friendly and kind. The food is good and they have a lot of activities to get involved with. Prices are competitive and they have many options and sizes of apartments.

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    Review submitted by Local Professional on 04/07/2013

    They truly care about the right fit for their residents, and making sure they are set up with the right care. Very professional and also caring staff.

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    Review submitted by Melissa on 04/04/2013

    We are really happy with the care which my 85 year old mother-in-law (MIL) has been receiving at Queen Anne Manor for the last two months. She has Alzheimer's and dementia and had been living at home alone with caregivers coming multiple times a week. Her illness was making it difficult for her to bathe, take her medication, pay her bills and take care of her home. We tried two different home care services with mixed results before deciding on placement in assisted living. Struggling to manage her situation from across town felt like a game of Whack-a-Mole where once we had one thing under control something else would go awry. After unsuccessfully working with the caregiver to get her bathed for Christmas, we decided on placement. It seemed disrespectful to let someone who had always been fastidious about her appearance, be so unkempt. Having bathed her myself, I knew we just needed a caregiver who was patient and willing to coax her a little. Now when we visit her at Queen Anne Manor (QAM), she is clean and in a different clean outfit every time we see her. The onsite salon was even able to recreate her French twist hairdo, so she can get her hair done there every Saturday. We've watched her interact with the caregivers whom she seems to like; and we've had no reports of any difficulty with her care. We took advantage of one of the services they offer where they will come and cue her to go to activities and meals. So we have reports she is attending all the activities and has already made friends with some of the other residents. Overall, her mental health seems to be much better with all the socialization. My MIL was placed in assisted living with additional services, not Anna's Garden, since she does not need that level of care yet. Since she has been there, we have had interactions with most of the staff there, from the sales manager and owner to the RN and facilities manager, all of which have been pleasant. The staff seem to genuinely enjoy working with the elderly and have a compassionate and effective approach in working with her Alzheimer's in particular. Also, we've had to take her to her doctor for swelling in her legs, and the doctor complimented QAM's RN's recommendations and said she knew her stuff. Overall, having been in her home for 50 years, my MIL was very resistant to leaving her house, so we wanted to make sure her new home would have a warm and caring atmosphere and be somewhere we were comfortable visiting. We looked at a dozen other facilities including adult family homes before deciding on QAM. The other facilities ranged from super deluxe to sad and scary. An adult family home might have worked; however, we felt more comfortable visiting a larger facility where it didn't feel like you needed a special appointment to visit. We finally chose QAM because every time we visited there were clean and friendly residents socializing in the lobby. The residents seemed to truly enjoy being there, and the facility itself is tastefully decorated and clean. The only thing we would have done differently is we would have made the move sooner so she could acclimate while she was more coherent. But otherwise, we are very happy with the care she has received so far and would recommend Queen Anne Manor.

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    Review submitted by Dad's daughter on 03/06/2013

    For background purposes, my father is an 85 year old kind and gentle man with dementia. This review is specifically for Anna's Garden, the memory care community at Queen Anne Manor (QAM). My father came to live at Anna's Garden through a strong recommendation/endorsement from a home health nurse who works in Seattle and visits numerous assisted living facilities and memory care facilities. Prior to my dad's arrival at QAM he resided at another well known assisted living facility in their memory care unit for 3 weeks. Due to the poor care/inattentiveness at this facility he was hospitalized as he had lost 15% of his body weight, had ulcers on his buttocks and was losing his ability to walk. (Please note this was reported to DSHS and the facility was investigated and cited). The staff at QAM helped us complete all the necessary paperwork and complete all business necessary so that we could move our dad directly from the hospital to QAM. (No small feat mind you). Needless to say, after our first foray into assisted living, I was extremely apprehensive, non trusting and cautious. To our amazement the transition was remarkably smooth. From day one at QAM our dad was calmer. His schedule was on his timeline, not QAM's. If he wanted to sleep in, they would hold his breakfast for him until he was ready. When he had to transition from one activity (getting up to getting dressed or getting dressed to getting to the dining room) to another, the pace once again was his, and done in a very calm loving manner. Their staff is trained in Validation Theory and is kind, compassionate and consistent throughout. To ensure his ulcers continued to heal QAM asked to bring in home health services which we of course agreed to (Medicare covers visits for certain diagnoses). Additionally QAM (as well as we his family) wanted to get him back to his previous activity level, so Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy were called in (Again, covered by Medicare). A plan was developed, and in the interest of review space - suffice it to say that within 2 months of his residency at QAM he has gained back nearly all the weight he had lost at the previous facility, and is eating a normal diet. He is now again walking independently. He is calm, and content as much as he can be given his diagnosis. When we moved our dad to QAM I had a long discussion with his doctor and it appeared we were headed toward Hospice intervention (statistically from the significant weight loss, decreased mobility...and our father's wish not to have a feeding tube placed). The staff at QAM were really the reason why he was able to return to his baseline of when our dad was cared for at home. The physical set up for Anna's Garden is well thought out - one single long hallway where residents can be seen from the nurses station when up and about. No odd alcoves to get lost in as a resident with memory issues. There is a gated outdoor patio for residents to access also. The staff at Anna's Garden is thoughtful, engaging and attentive. They welcome visitors. The food at Anna's Garden is very good. They are attentive to resident's specific dietary needs as well as their likes/dislikes. Within a short period of time after my father moved in, the manager of Anna's Garden, knew his favorite drink flavor and his favorite type of fish to eat without any input from our family, solely from observation and the minimal conversation he makes. Our family cannot say enough about QAM as they truly did revive our dad. He still obviously has dementia, that will only get worse with time. But the comfort as a family member to know he is safe, he is content, and he is well cared for is all we hope for, and this hope is met.

  • Overall rating:

    Review submitted by Alice Finston on 03/23/2014

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Private Nursing Home $7251 $8254
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Adult Day Care $1118 $1010
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Home-maker Services $3392 $4077